That Viral Javelina Footage Just Got Better Thanks To Some Well-Placed Music


A wild javelina captured the hearts, minds and memes of social media this week after being caught on camera running through Tucson, Arizona.

Despite its somewhat boar-like appearance, javelina is a peccary and not a pig. Javelinas roam from the American Southwest down into Argentina, and according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, they’re known for having scent glands near the rump that they rub on rocks, trees and each other to mark territory.

Javelinas live in groups of about 10 and communicate with both grunts and scents. While they are herbivores, javelinas will also eat lizards, birds and rodents if the opportunity arises. 

And one has run right into the Twitter feeds of millions as the latest meme, in many cases with people adding some matching music: 

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