Oval-Shaped UFO Moves Vertically Over Rush Hour Traffic

UFOs over UK

A UFO hunter is urging the witnesses of a
Tic Tac-shaped spacecraft moving above a rush hour traffic as he claims he has
obtained a report many people witnessing it.

Chris Evers, 59, claims multiple witnesses
saw a UFO that looked like a little oval-shaped mint flying vertically above
heavy traffic in Hull.

Chris, the founder of the Hull UFO Society
in the 90s, said he received reports of an extraterrestrial craft flying over
the city on Tuesday at around 5:30 pm last week.

Chris said he got a report through to him
that a UFO was a large Tic Tac-shaped device or craft flying during a rush hour,
and apparently several people saw it.

Chris noted that the UFO was flying upright
and not horizontally. The report also made mention of the two strange
protrusions at the bottom of the bizarre object.

He now encourages people to come forward
with proof of the sighting.

Chris, who runs an online magazine Outer
Limits, said that he had been told witnesses took pictures of it, but he hasn’t
seen any.

His interest in UFO was first sparked by
seeing a mysterious object over Hull when he was 14.

He said he has been interested in the
extraterrestrial since 1974. Chris eventually founded the Hull UFO society, and
his Outer Limits magazine has been going on for four years this coming April.

According to Chris, the area has a lot of
strange activities, including the famous incident involving a UFO moving under
the Humber Bridge.

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