Strange object hovering in the dark sky over Preston


Preston, Lancashire, UK – A UFO was caught on camera flying above Preston in the early hours of February 20. Gail Jacques spotted a mysterious bright white object moving above the city’s rooftops. She first saw the UFO over Preston Prison at round 1:30 am.

According to Gail, the object hovered for
several minutes before moving at incredible speed. She immediately snapped
photos of the strange flying object.

Her interest in knowing the true identity
of the Preston Prison UFO led her to share the pictures with friends on social

Gail said that the UFO was too fast and
precise for a helicopter. She explained that it moved so fast in seconds.

The pictures have generated mixed reactions
online, with many Prestonians offered possible explanations.

Some say it’s a plane or helicopter, others
say it’s a drone, and a few say it’s something not of this world.

There are also who say it’s a Venus or
Jupiter. Some believe it is the International Space Station.

Stephen Hall explains that it’s not a star
as it’s below the cloud cover. He finds it interesting.

Steve Connolley does not believe it’s the
International Space Station (ISS) as it seems too far away from sunset or
sunrise, as the ISS is generally only visible close to these times.

Alison Fidder countered the explanation
that it’s the planet Venus by saying that the planet sets at around 9:30 pm at
the moment.

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